“All of my life, I’ve had dogs. All of my life, I’ve felt guilty when I dropped them off to be

boarded. No more. In fact, since my dog Betsy started boarding with Madison Dogma, I’ve thought she has a better time when boarded than she does at home. Madison Dogma is the ideal dog boarding operation. Loving, knowledgeable dog owners take Betsy into their homes. She eats well and roams a home very much like the one she lives in. Best of all, she is surrounded by humans who really love and understand dogs.

No more cinder block cells for my dog. I can’t imagine boarding Betsy anywhere else.”


“Cody, my darling beagle, and I have been clients of Madison DogMa for about 5 years. Lindsey Decker, Cody’s DogMa momma, is a caring dog lover who also manages to take care of me in the process of boarding Cody. She has gone out of her way to make sure Cody is well cared for in the many times he has boarded with her. He is allowed to sleep in their bed, on their couches, and almost anywhere he wants. Lindsey, along with Craig and her daughter, Quinn, has provided me with peace of mind at times when my life has been too difficult to worry about Cody. They have always come to my rescue, even at the last minute, when I need their help. I would unconditionally recommend them to anyone who has a dog that they love.”


“I cannot say enough positive things about Lindsey, Craig and DogMa. Our Popper has been hiking and boarding with them for 5 years - since he was 6 months old.  Popper, and our family adores the staff and his pack of  hiking buddies. When Lindsey, Craig, Jenna  or Erica show up Popper is always thrilled to see them and go on another adventure. They are professional and extremely caring as well as sensitive to Popper’s needs. We feel blessed to have the Dogma/Doggy By Nature  group as a part of our extended family. I highly recommend their services.”


“ As two medical residents with unpredictable schedules and early mornings, DogMa has been lifesaving! We leave for work in the morning knowing our dog will be picked up and dropped off right at our house to enjoy her long hike, while simultaneously interacting with other dogs and learning valuable off-leash skills. We come home at night knowing she was well taken care of, and can always count on DogMa to be accommodating for last-minute schedule changes. In addition to her scheduled hiking group, we have taken advantage of both day and overnight boarding services when we are working overnights or on vacation. We are so thankful for DogMa -- we truly couldn't raise our dog without them!”


"We're so thankful for all of the dog services DogMa provides. Our dogs have taken advantage of both the hiking and boarding and just LOVE seeing Lindsey and all of their doggy friends. One of our dogs is anxiety prone and she always returns happy, well fed, and tired. We love that our dogs become part of the family when they stay with DogMa - they even get to sleep in a human bed! We travel a lot with our dogs and have used many, many dog sitters and team DogMa is just THE BEST. I can't recommend them highly enough!" 


“We wouldn’t have been able to leave our pups with anyone else. We couldn’t be more happy or comfortable with the care the dogs received and continue to receive.”


“The DogMa organization is AMAZING. We are so happy to have found you to take care of our Nika whenever we go out of town. Can’t rave about you all enough and we will be super sad if we ever move out of the Madison area and have to find another place for dog boarding.”


"I never have a moment’s worry when I drop my dogs off with DogMa Lindsey for a “sleepover.” It’s dog heaven at her place—lots of room to roam, and instant bffs to play with. As a relative newcomer to life with dogs, I have learned so much from Lindsey and her crew about what dogs need to thrive just by watching the incredible example they set. Also, as a side note, Madison DogMa's IG account is educational, highly entertaining, and possibly therapeutic."


“We have used DogMa and Doggy by Nature services when we lived in Madison, and was grateful for their careful attention and expertise. And we couldn't have asked for better communication. If our dogs were staying with a DogMa while we were out of town we would get frequent photos and messages texted to us, which was so comforting.  

We appreciate the philosophy of the hiking program. The focus and training is so valuable. The dogs have great fun AND are learning good life skills. Lindsey is amazing. She is organized and professional,  and yet so personable and is always willing to help. 

In addition, as the previous owners of bad dog frida,  we recommended both DogMa and Doggy by Nature without hesitation.  We would hear great feedback and our customers were always grateful for the resource.”