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The team at DogMa is passionate about pups! We are a group of dog-kissing friends with Wisconsin roots who are deeply tied to local rescue, fostering canines, and raising pets of our own. Our lives have been and continue to be enriched by our relationship with animals. Our beds are never empty and our hearts are always full.


Our mission at DogMa is to ensure your furry family members are comfortable, thriving and having fun while you travel. Whether it’s an extended vacation overseas or a simple day trip, one of our DogMas will make sure your dog is well-cared for so that you can relax and enjoy your time away. We customize care for each individual animal based on his/her daily routine, activity level, play pal preferences, environmental likes/dislikes etc. You’ll receive text PUPdates with photos and videos so that you know your pooch is livin’ it up while you’re away. Bringing together professionalism, intuition, decades of handling experience plus motherly/fatherly love - the DogMas are committed to providing exceptional care for your pets. Our philosophy on care/training is rooted in relationship-building, compassion & choice, force-free methods of communication and science-based techniques only.


Reach out to us to chat further about what your dog’s experience will be like boarding with a DogMa!

Meet the Mutts

If the pups ain't happy, you ain't happy.

Team DogMa

Team DogMa

Yes, your pups can sleep in bed with us!

Meet Enzo

Meet Enzo

DogMa Lindsey and her daughter, Quinn, rescued Enzo 11 years ago. He now serves as the Welcoming Committee to all home-boarding clients and foster dogs and helps to train new dogs on the trails with Craig's Doggy by Nature hikers.

Elliott & Beatrix

Elliott & Beatrix

These pittie siblings led a less than glamorous life in Alabama before being saved via Ma, Paws & Me Pet Rescue and fostered by Lindsey & Craig. They have since been adopted into the same family and are regulars for hiking at The Dog Farm.

Cha Cha

Cha Cha

After fostering nearly 600 dogs, Lindsey, Craig & Quinn finally decided to keep one! In the rescue world, this is called a "foster fail" but we all know it's really a WIN for everyone!

Meet Mika

Meet Mika

This is DogMa Heather's Olde English Bulldogge. She is the resident supervisor and, yes, this is her "happy face".

DogMa Teen Team

DogMa Teen Team

Quinn and our other Teen Team members (Alyssa, Shelby, Eli & Holly) are dependable, responsible, savvy and committed to the exceptional care of your furbabies.

Meet Luna

Meet Luna

Tiny but mighty. This Pomeranian nugget belongs to DogMa Tia and prides herself on being President of the Neighborhood Watch Committee.

Cody & DogMa AJ

Cody & DogMa AJ

Cody (aka The Sweet Potato) loves hiking, being kissed and shopping at bad dog frida on Atwood Ave.

Meet Bruiser

Meet Bruiser

Quite possibly the fastest dog in Madison - Bruiser is a daily member of the Doggy by Nature hiking club.

Meet Bob Kennedy

Meet Bob Kennedy

"Life is BUSY! We love our kids and their crazy schedules--but we also love our dog! So the universe sent us Lindsey! She has been a 2nd mom to our beloved boy his whole life. She takes him for farm hikes every week and cuddles him to sleep while we travel. She is as much a part of our family as our animals are." ~Lorraine

Meet Chuy Joseph

Meet Chuy Joseph

Also known as Chooch, this little prince is one of Craig & Lindsey's resident mutts. He's runs the show. And he knows it. Middle name courtesy of Quinn.

Meet Bodhi

Meet Bodhi

“We wouldn’t have been able to leave our pups with anyone else. We couldn’t be more happy or comfortable with the care the dogs received and continue to receive.” ~Sandy & Linda


Farm Hikes

Insured & Bonded

Welcome to Doggy by Nature.

This is the hiking side of our business; a lifestyle program for your companion animals.

We offer daily group hikes on the trails of our two private farms (Madison & Belleville).

Craig Michaels (Owner, Doggy by Nature) is a Wisconsin boy with a deep love for animals. He’s been hiking/training dogs all over the country since 2006 (Los Angeles, D.C., Austin & Madison). His connection with dogs is apparent the moment you meet him - watch him work and you’ll see the ever-present, natural bond the dogs have with him. Craig blends patience, trust-building, intuition and 15 years of positive-reinforcement-training experience to create a safe and loving environment for your pup.

Our Hike x Train program serves as an alternative to traditional kennel daycare. It is designed to connect your dog to nature through off-leash exploration, supervised socialization, plenty of playtime enrichment and structured training exercises. Each of our hikers has the freedom to express their individuality.


Hiking Trainers: Craig Michaels, Lindsey Decker & Ryan Koglin

• Farm Hikes - $35/each (pick-up & drop-off included)

• Dogs must hike a minimum of 3x/week

• Package pricing available for multi-dog households


Insured & Bonded

2021 Rates, effective 1/1/21

*Rates listed are for 1 dog per household.

*Contact us for family rates with multiple dogs.

* Holiday stays are non-refundable unless the stay is cancelled 2+ weeks in advance

In-OUR-Home Boarding - $50/day (check-out by 11:00, just like a hotel)

  • We are a Bark B&B. Yes, your dog can sleep in bed with us!

  • Your pup stays with one of our DogMas. Each of our homes has a slightly different environment, so we are thoughtful in pairing your pup with the DogMa who will best meet his/her needs.

In-YOUR-Home OR Solo Boarding - $65/day (check-out by 11:00, just like a hotel)

  • Does your pup prefer the comfort of his/her own home? No worries! One of our DogMas will shack up with your pup in your home.

  • Perfect for pups who are older, anxious and/or reactive to other dogs.

  • We can also accommodate your pup flying solo in one of our staff homes.

Express Walk & Compassion Care - $25/visit

  • Working late at the office? Out of the house on the weekend a bit longer than your dog can tolerate? No problem. We offer mid-day potty breaks or mealtimes visits. Snuggles included.

  • We service kitties, chickens and all your other furry/feathered family members as well.

  • Peace-of-mind visit for your aging/ill pets. Snuggle time, medication administration, potty break. We will customize care based on your dog’s individual needs.


Day Boarding - $30/day (up to 9 hours during normal business hours)

  • Supervised playcare in  a loving DogMa home. 

  • Small group setting for your pup to thrive. Your DogMa will offer plenty of exercise, enrichment and nap time daily. Perfect for your long days in the office or when you just want to take a day trip to Chicago. We've got you covered 7 days/week.

  • $10 transportation fee if you need pick-up/drop-off for your pup

PETicures - $25/each

  • We are happy to tidy-up your dog's nails as an add-on to any of our boarding/walking services.

Hike x Train - $35/each (pick-up / drop-off included) *All dogs must hike a minimum of 3x/week

  • Groups hikes on one of our two private farms (Madison & Belleville). The perfect alternative to traditional kennel daycare.

  • Package pricing available for multi-dog households.


Wedding Wranger - $100/hr per DogMa (1 handler/dog required)

  • Our team of professional handlers will transport your pup to your wedding, make sure photos go smoothly and then swiftly exit with your pup so you can continue to enjoy your special day!

  • We'll brush you pup, straighten bow ties and flower collars, and make sure he/she is looking at the camera.

  • Additional transportation fee for venues outside of the greater Madison area.


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